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This position will serve as a groundsman/apprentice to a lineman by constructing, replacing and maintaining electric distribution lines, substations, structures and equipment.  A high school diploma and ability to acquire a Class A CDL Driver's License and pre-employment aptitude proficiency testing is required.  Successful candidates will be required to enroll in a 4-year Apprentice Lineman Training Program.  This position requires outside work and physical exertion with safety as a priority.  We are a drug free workplace.  The deadline for applications/resumes is Friday, September 20th.


Position Title: Apprentice Lineman – Level Zero (1st 6 months)
NRECA Code: 52-4434

Department: Operations

FLSA Status: Non-Exempt

Employment Status: Full-Time

The following are essential functions of this position and not intended to be all-inclusive. An employee may be directed to perform other reasonably related job duties and responsibilities. PPEC reserves the right to revise or change the job duties and responsibilities as the need arises. The position description will be updated accordingly. This position description does not constitute a written or implied contract of employment.

Summary of Position:
This position assists with the installation, maintenance, operation, removal and inspection of electrical overhead and underground distribution facilities and distribution substation facilities.
1. The employee must obtain a class "A" CDL.
2. May work on de-energized structures only, under close supervision.
3. Must be enrolled in the first year of the Cooperative's Apprentice Lineman Training Program.

The following reference is provided as a guideline for persons responsible for directing the duties and responsibilities of assigned personnel, to assist in the safety and development of employees, and is not intended to limit assignment of work or the degree of supervision under all operating conditions:
• Direct Supervision: When a qualified person is working hands-on with the person performing the designated task.
• Immediate Supervision: When a qualified person is near the structure/equipment and is in constant visual and verbal contact to the person performing the designated task.
• General Supervision: An employee of equal or higher classification, knowledgeable of the task at hand and not necessarily at the job site.

Core Competencies:
Work effectively as an employee of Paulding-Putnam and maintain good job behavior.
1. Must be supportive of Cooperative business concepts and principles.
2. Must be of high integrity, dependable and professional.
3. Punctual and conscientious about work hours and perform overtime when requested. Communicate with supervisor when unable to work at the appointed time.
4. Accept responsibility for the duties of your position. Work diligently toward complete accurate work assignments.
5. Develop the necessary skills and knowledge to perform the duties of the position. Attend meetings and seminars as directed.
6. Continually develop and recommend more efficient and effective ways of carrying out the duties and responsibilities of the position.
7. Review and abide by established policies and procedures of the Cooperative.
8. Must have a high regard for the safety of themselves and others. Promote safety in every activity and attend scheduled safety meetings as directed. Become familiar with and abide by the PPEC safety rules and procedures.
9. Must have the desire to work as part of a team and contribute to the high morale in the organization. Promote teamwork through communication and cooperation. Treat co-workers in a professional manner and consider the opinions and personal needs of others.  Work effectively as an employee of Paulding-Putnam and maintain good job behavior.
10. Accept and adapt positively to changes in your position and within the Cooperative. Develop a commitment to accept ongoing change.
11. Be a positive influence within and outside the Cooperative.
12. Support the Cooperative's mission by staying current with information to cultivate and positively project the Cooperative's philosophy.

Job Responsibilities:
1. Performs tasks as assigned associated with construction, operation, maintenance and service of electrical
facilities in accordance with Paulding Putnam Electric Cooperative's safety rules, regulations and practices, along with reporting any unsafe conditions and practices.
2. Will not work within contact distance of an energized conductor on a pole while in this position. Work will be limited to construction and maintenance, in which poles are completely de-energized and grounded.
3. After becoming certified in pole climbing employee is permitted to work on a de-energized poles under immediate supervision.
4. Exercises professional conduct in dealing with the members, other employees, and the general public.
5. Assists with the objective of achieving safety accreditation by maintaining a safe and clean work environment, adhering to safety policies, procedure and government regulations, assisting as needed and directed to keep the warehouse/material storage areas and vehicles neat and clean at all times and completing all required
documentation in a timely manner.
6. Provides support during major outages as directed.
7. Identification of materials, tools and equipment.
8. Promote an environment that encourages team building by assisting other employees with the completion of their responsibilities.
9. First-aid and CPR training.
10. Gather tools and supplies to be used at the work site.
11. Become familiar with the proper use, care and storage of hot line tools, rubber gloves, and all other protective equipment.
12. Drive, maintain and stock vehicles. Employee is permitted to drive company vehicles requiring Commercial Driver's License (CDL), after submitting proof of CDL.
13. Operate company radio.
14. Read maps, specification books and work orders.
15. Respond to customer, regulatory or management inquiries in a timely and professional manner.
16. Assist in the assembly, installation, maintenance, removal and inspection of fixtures and other associated equipment on overhead and underground facilities.
17. Operate trucks pulling trailers, operate winch in handling poles and transformers, and transport employees and equipment to and from work locations.
18. Read, connect, disconnect meters and collect delinquent accounts.
19. Patrol and inspect lines.
20. Place warning signs to keep pedestrians and traffic warned when employees are working in the area.
21. Flag traffic when working on a highway.
22. Digging of holes.
23. Loading and unloading poles.
24. Report promptly for duty in the event of an emergency or outage if requested.
25. Coil and uncoil ropes. Ensure proper care and storage. Tie various knots used in line work.
26. Identify primary, secondary, street lighting, sub-transmission, telephone and CATV wires.
27. Keep records as required.
28. Ability to read, write, and understand sequential processes in written, oral, diagram, or schedule form.
29. Qualification through demonstration, examination and/or performance appraisal as determined by the Company.
30. Subject to random drug and alcohol testing consistent with DOT regulation and Paulding Putnam Electric policies.

Reporting Relationships:
Reports to: Crew Leader and/or Line Technician
Supervises and Directs work of: None
External relationships: Employees, Members and General Public

Education and Experience:
1. High school or vocational school graduate or have satisfactorily completed the General Education Development (GED), with emphasis and proficiency in the subject areas of science, mechanics and mathematics.
2. Additional courses to provide technical knowledge of electricity and computers are desirable.
Additional Expectations:
1. Experience during this probationary period, generally 6 months, is required to qualify for the Apprentice Line Technician Level One.
2. Must have the ability to write legibly and record accurately.
3. Overtime may be expected with duration of up to 16 hours followed by an 8 hour rest period.
4. Must possess the ability to communicate with employees, members and the general public.
5. This position is not required to live within 10 miles or 20 minutes of the cooperative.
6. Maintain confidentiality regarding PPEC proprietary information and other department information. Overtime may be required to complete the duties as directed. Assistance will be expected during major outages.

1. Progressive duties and skill levels are expected of the employee. The required employee skill level is determined by PPEC on-the-job training with PPEC Crew Leaders. A decision will be made by Paulding Putnam Electric's management as to the advancement to Apprentice Line Technician – Level One. If it is determined that the Apprentice Line Technician - Level Zero cannot be advanced, the employee may continue in the present position for a period not to exceed twelve (12) months. At the end of twelve months, if the Apprentice Line Technician Level One cannot advance to the next level, termination may occur.
Authorities and Responsibilities:
1. Work may be varied and problems are difficult but the methods and procedures are clearly defined. Judgment is required and must be applied to the methods and procedures for them to work. The Apprentice Line Technician Level Zero position has limited authority through the employee in charge to make decisions that may have a moderate impact on Paulding Putnam Electric's operations. The Apprentice Line Technician Zero progressively takes initiative in all actions and judgment while making routine decisions on operations. The employee recognizes the need to understand that the Cooperative's best interests can be directly affected by his/her actions.
2. The employee must be knowledgeable of all required job skills, qualifications, responsibilities and authority expected of the employee by the Cooperative.
Physical Demands and Working Conditions:
1. This position is subject to adverse weather elements/hazards, and subject to work-related hazards while performing the job.
2. Outside work with physical exertion requiring upper body strength and stamina.
3. Must be physically able to function in the position.
4. Must have strength in walking, sitting, and standing.
5. Must be able to safely lift, carry, push or pull up to 75 pounds.
6. Must be able to climb and balance.
7. Must be able to stoop, kneel, crouch, and crawl.
8. Must be able to reach and handle items.
9. Must have good communication skills.
10. Must have good sight, depth perception, and color vision.
11. Must shovel dirt and work around noisy construction equipment.
12. Must work in uneven terrain.
13. Will frequently work near energized lines and equipment requiring safe work habits performed in accordance with established work procedures and specifications to avoid electric shock and injury.
14. May be at risk from exposure to bloodborne pathogens.

Definition of frequency examples:
• Frequently – Every day to once a week occurrence.
• Occasionally – Less than once a week or seasonal occurrence.
• Not Applicable – Not likely to happen.
Physical Demands Required To Perform Duties:

  • Standing Frequently
  • Walking Frequently
  • Sitting Frequently

Physical Demands Required To Perform Duties:
Lifting, Carrying Occasionally
Twisting, Pushing, Pulling Occasionally
Climbing, Balancing Occasionally
Kneeling, Crawling Occasionally
Talking Frequently
Hearing Frequently
Communication Frequently
Visual Ability Frequently
Bending Frequently
Gripping, Grasping Occasionally
Other Physical Demands Frequently
Exposure to Outdoor Conditions Frequently
Low Visibility Not Applicable
Extreme Noise Not Applicable
Moving Parts Not Applicable
Electric Shock Frequently
High, Exposed Places Occasionally
Radiant Energy Not Applicable
Exposure to Chemicals Not Applicable
Vehicular Traffic Occasionally
CRT Screens Not Applicable
Slippery Conditions Occasionally
Other Environmental Conditions Not Applicable

This position has been closed and is no longer available.
Paulding Putnam Electric Cooperative, Inc.


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